Ground Leveling

When you are in need of ground leveling look no further and call the professionals at Deep South Truckn. Deep South Truckn offers services for ground leveling in Southwest Florida and surrounding areas. We are a locally owned and operated company which has been helping home and business owners with their ground leveling needs. While the coastal plains of Florida generally consist of flat land, ground leveling is still a must during site construction, renovations, landscaping work, pool installations and more. Ground leveling is a crucial part of new site constructions as it ensures stability and aids in preventing major damage and costly repairs to the foundation of homes and buildings. Deep South Truckn has a team of professionals who can handle all types of ground leveling needs. From yard leveling projects for landscaping work to major ground leveling tasks for new construction home sites, there is no job that is too big and no task that is too small for Deep South Truckn. Contact our office today and schedule your appointment for ground leveling for your next project.

Benefits of Ground Leveling

Ground leveling offers many benefits for both residential and commercial projects such as:
Proper Drainage – During renovations or new construction sites proper ground leveling is important to make sure that storm water will properly drain away from the foundation of the building structure. By leveling the ground with the proper slope, water will move away from the foundation saving homeowners and business owners from costly foundation repairs.
Increase Usable Space – Uneven ground makes it difficult to design landscaping and outdoor living area. Ground leveling allows more area for patios and lanais, playground space for children and unlimited creation for landscaping design.
Improved Drainage – Even though your yard may appear level, there may be areas which dip lower than others. These areas can collect water which is a perfect breeding area for mosquitoes. By professionally leveling the ground, drainage is improved preventing the collection of storm water.
Health – Damp, dark areas are areas which are prone to growing mold and mildew. With proper ground leveling, you can prevent these micro-organisms from developing in your yard.

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